The Remedy: a must for Madeira lovers

I’d been meaning to go to London’s The Remedy  Wine Bar & Kitchen in Fitzrovia for ages.  With a terrific wine list (12 of which are 50% off by the bottle on Monday nights) and a wonderful by the glass selection of Madeira, it’s a hot spot for wine lovers.

I love it that this buzzy, bang on-trend wine bar shines such a strong light on Madeira.  It is so good to see such rarified wines in an un-starchy, highly accessible context (no white tablecloths here).

Small plates’ dining makes for fun mixing and matching.  The cheese board alone proved the perfect playground for our four Madeiras (pictured on the bar).  All in perfect condition.  A real treat.

And check out that chalk board to the right (or the wine list here). Outside of Funchal, how many places do you know offering two +100 year old Madeiras by the glass (Pereira d’Oliveira 1908 Boal & Pereira d’Oliveira 1890 Verdelho)?

There are some great ‘special birthday’ options too from those vintage hoarders Pereira d’Oliveira: 1987 Boal, 1977 Boal 1977, Terrantez & 1937 Sercial.  Not my birth year, but how I do love that Terrantez!

With a focus on artisanal wines, including “Orange…whites emulating reds,” you can bet on an eclectic, dynamic wine list.  Before we ascended to Madeira heaven, we enjoyed an artisanal Cava.  What it lacked in bubbles (no bad thing), it made up for in vinous texture and complexity.

Then, for a bit of Salt, Grit & Power, over to Tenerife for a mineral, spicy, earthy skin contact white (Táganan) from Envinate.

I’d strongly recommend booking since, like the plates, The Remedy is small and very popular.

P.S. On the topic of eclectic, artisanal and Orange, don’t forget it’s The Real Wine Fair next month.  Details here.

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