The Wines of Madeira – a new book, by Trevor Elliot

Trevor Elliot’s book “The Wines of Madeira” has recently been published and I’ve just placed my order, having eagerly anticipated its release.   I’m a huge fan of Madeira, a unique fortified Portuguese wine, whose best wines are aged in barrel (using the canteiro method) in lodges above the ground.  Exposed to light and warmth, the wines are concentrated and caramelise to a heady essence by evaporation (Henriques & Henriques’ lodge pictured). 

It’ll be good to read a really up-to-date book on Madeira since it may surprise you to know that the region has seen quite a few new developments these last years.  Take Blandy’s and Barbeito’s blends of the classic grapes (Blandy’s Alvada is a blend of Bual and Malmsey and Barbeito VB is a blend of Verdelho and Bual) and, my favourite innovation, the accessible but exciting Colheita vintage Madeiras, many of which are available in 50cl bottles. 

The RRP of the book is £13.99 and, if you’d like to order a copy, contact Trevor Elliott at or order it online via Trevor’s new website here.  Or enter ViniPortugal’s competition to win a copy here.

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