The Douro vintage, table wines, 2008

One of my favourite trade tastings of the year is coming up, the New Douro tasting on 26 October, which will showcase the 2008 vintage.  Having had a sneaky preview of the Douro Boys’ 2008 mineral sluiced, fresh and aromatic wines in July, I’m even more excited.  Here’s the vintage report which accompanied the press release about the tasting:

“2008 was an excellent year in the Douro. There was enough rainfall during the Spring and at the beginning of Summer, which allowed the soil to maintain good water levels, until the harvest. However, humid weather during the flowering season led to very low yields, which happily  guaranteed high quality fruit, with great acidity and balanced sugar levels at harvest time.  Overall, the 2008 vintage in the Douro brought fine wines full of spiciness, freshness and subtle aromas. The wines of 2008 show lighter alcohol than previous vintages and therefore are immediately attractive and are great food wines.”

Today I’m on day three of tasting Quinta do Noval Vintage Port 2008 and Quinta da Romaneira Vintage Port 2008 (applying the Dirk Niepoort “time is on my side” methodology, see here).  Will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

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