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Test tube babies: Taylor’s 1965 & 1966 Single Harvest Tawnies

new douro day 1 taylors 66 076
Taylor’s started launching 50 year old Single Harvest Ports last year with the 1964.  Last week I sampled the follow up vintages – the 1965 and the yet-to-be-released 1966 in a very mini vertical (even down to the test tube samples). Here are my notes.

Taylor’s Single Harvest Tawny Port 1965

new douro day 1 taylors 66 055
Paler than the 66 with a  broader saffron rim and a relatively restrained, quite elegant nose and palate, sweet and softly nutty, with nougat, marzipan and caramel notes which follow through in the mouth.   Spicy chutneyed fruits and salt caramel to the finish bring piquancy to a long finish with a woody timbre.  Very good.

Taylor’s Single Harvest Tawny Port 1966

From a generally declared vintage, as you might expect, the ’66 has greater depth of colour and flavour.  A hint of iodine on the nose is fast subsumed by its vigorous charge of dried fig, rum and raisin, liquorice, smoky hazelnut and richer macademia.  More delicate bourbon vanilla  and cafe creme notes linger for an age on the smooth, honeyed finish.  An outstanding single harvest Tawny.
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