First taste: Blandy’s 20 Year Old Terrantez Madeira

This vintage Blandy’s received a modest 500kg of the Terrantez grape, even though 2012 has been a very good and high yielding year.

Still, from a very small base (it flourishes on coastal sites where hotels take preference), Terrantez plantings are on the up in Madeira.  In 2007, only 542kg of this difficult to grow variety found its way into Madeira wine.

In 2011, that had increased to 3,005kg.  A very good thing if Blandy’s new 20 Year Old Terrantez, also Henriques & Henriques 20 Year Old Terrantez (click here for my review) are anything to go by.

Here’s my note on the Blandy’s, tasted here in Madeira this week:

Blandy’s 20 Year Old Terrantez (Madeira)

Reddish yellow in hue, with an enticing herbal, tobacco, floral nose. In the mouth, with its whiff of cigar, the accent is on the tobacco, which infuses its dried fruits and is balanced by a toffee apple sweetness and tang. A clear beam of acidity makes for a long, very long, finish with an attractive woody textural timbre. An elegant, complex medium rich Madeira.

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