Dócil but by no means docile, the Niepoort Vinho Verde formerly known as Girasol

At Niepoort’s Big Day tasting in May an amuse-gueule of fresh oysters served with Niepoort Dócil Vinho Verde 2010 most definitely amused this girl. 

Made from 100% Loureiro, which thrives in the sub-region of Lima from which the grapes are sourced, Dócil is Niepoort’s new name for Girasol.  With significantly less residual sugar than the earliest vintages and more citrus drive and minerality, Dócil is a rather more serious wine.

On the nose it shows Loureiro’s classic floral and talc/bath salt notes but, with a citrus undertow, there’s a sense of depth too.  Sure enough a well-focused palate reveals juicy, ripe, rolling, limey acidity and finishes long and sapid with an airy, mineral, saline wash of vegetal flavours –  think celery or fennel as opposed to brassica – flute versus the horn section!  A melodic wine, perfectly paired with oysters.  Also well worth seeking out are Quinta do Ameal’s and Afros’ top notch Loureiro Vinho Verdes.

Incidentally, on matters Vinho Verde, the Vinho Verde wine commission has recently announced a new, 5 million Euro, international promotional campaign starting in July 2011 following a boom in global exports.  The launch of the campaign in the UK will be marked on 12th July 2011 by ‘The Boys are back in town,’ a trade tasting at which the region will be represented by 15 producers. 

I’m not sure if Thin Lizzy are making an appearance but, at any rate, fellow Portuguese wine and Vinho Verde/Girasol fan Jamie Goode will be hosting a seminar about the region which I’m sure will be excellent.  Maybe he’s working on a cover version of ‘The Boys are back in town’ on his mandolin especially for the occasion!?!  Find out more about this trade only event here.

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