Venice: wine & vine

If you could create your own list of seven wonders of the world, what would you include?  For me, with not a nanosecond of hesitation, Venice would be on it.   Come to think of it, I’d describe the city as other-worldly, so maybe it doesn’t qualify…Anyway, maybe you’ll understand why I had mixed feelings when I learned that Bisol have recovered an ancient walled vineyard on the Venetian island Mazzorbo next to Burano (pictured).  You see, when I go on holiday, I generally try and avoid wine regions because it’s too damn tempting to work!

I visited Bisol in 2006 and had quite forgotten that this go-ahead leading Prosecco di Valdobbiadene producer was beavering away on the Mazzorbo project, which is just an hour’s drive/boat ride away (see my report here).  Bisol’s Venissa Estate (pictured) has been replanted to Dorona, a historic but nearly extinct Venetian white grape variety.   I’m told by 2011, Bisol will produce 8000 bottles of this wine which will be called Venissa.  If they bring the same brand of magic to Dorona that they’ve brought to the humble Prosecco grape, I reckon it’ll be worth seeking out. I certainly look forward to tasting it down the track.

You’ll find contact details and more pictures of the project on the Venissa website here.  If you’re wondering why the slideshow features a couple of chefs it’s because the estate features a restaurant with rooms, Ristorante Venissa.  It will be managed by Paola Budel, who trained under the guidance of Gualtiero Marchesi and Michel Roux.  No prizes for guessing the house wine and bubbly, but another nice locovore touch is that the thoroughly Venetian menu will be sourced from Venissa’s own vegetable garden and lagoon fish-farm.