Of kayaks, Croatia & wine


I am just back from holidays, which included a fabulous week long sea kayaking expedition around the beautiful, crystal clear waters of Croatia’s Kvarner islands with Sea Kayak Croatia.  And I realised a rather wonderful thing about this recent hobby of mine.  Sea kayaking locations seem to be wine hot spots.  Even the club I belong to at home is in Kent, a stone’s throw from Chapel Down, Gusborne et al.  I reckon a summer of sea kayaking and discovering English sparkling wine (in that order!) beckons, not least since my pile of holiday post included a copy of English Wine Producers‘ latest map.

As for Croatia, our expedition started on the historic island of Rab, home to our guide Jogi.  His dad (pictured in the family cellar) produced the most enormous glass of his 96 point red especially for me.  The island’s rocky limestone soils made for an elegant blend of Merlot and local grape Plavac Mali.


During last year’s sea kayaking adventures in Sardinia, our regular white quaffer was Aragosta Vermentino from the local co-op. This time, it was this crisp grassy Žlahtina from Krk island.     Held up by the bura wind for an extra night on Krk, it helped us chill or be “pomalo” as the locals say (and Jogi, pictured, did).


Returning home via the city of Zadar, we treated ourselves to a wonderful dinner at Foša – Istrian truffles rock!  On Rab, though it has a fine display of local wines and good reviews in the travel guides, don’t go to Paradiso.  The seafood at Labirint was much, much better.  Better value and service too.


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