hangingditch – a wine lover’s hang out

Had the opportunity, at last, to check out hangingditch wine merchants/vinoteca (pictured) while up in Manchester presenting my 50 Great Portuguese Wines.  As you can see, it’s a pocket sized fine slice of life, packed to the gunnels with an eclectic selection of interesting wines, all of which are available to drink on the premises for a mark up of £6.   

For an Alvarinho fan like me, what better welcome than a shelf of this A1 grape variety little more than arm’s length from the door.  But there’s plenty to tempt you inside, including Quinta do Portal’s Late Harvest sweetie, one of my 50 Great choices.  I didn’t know this limited release vinous nectar was available over here (follow the 50 Great link above for my review – it’s the penultimate wine in the roll call).  Also on the list one of my favourite grower Champagnes, Raymond Boulard’s Petraea (a.k.a. Krug on a budget).  By the glass wines include hip Aussie producer Some Young Punks‘ pulp fiction label Passion Has Red Lips.  Gives you an idea of the vibe here – deadly serious about the wine, but unstuffy and relaxed about the presentation.  I like it.

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