Frivolous on Friday – music & wine playlists

Last year, I had great fun meeting opera singer Bryn Terfel when I contributed to a Radio 4 programme about Terfel’s alternative dream career – being a master sommelier.  I teed up Terfel on wine tasting skills and Berry Brothers & Rudd’s Alun Griffiths MW put the singer through his paces at High Timber restaurant.

Now the shoe is on the other foot because, prompted by The Heriot Watt University’s research suggesting that music can enhance the taste and pleasure of wine by up to 60%, Griffiths and his team have come up with their perfect playlists to accompany Berrys’ popular wines. Sadly for Terfel, Griffiths didn’t opt for opera – apparently he prefers to drink Bret Bros Burgundy listening to Neil Young’s Four Strong Winds.

Terfel can, however, take heart from opera singing Australian winemaker Vanya Cullen who also contributed to the programme.  When she and I toured her Margaret River vineyard last September, the Chardonnay was treated to Cullen’s rousing rendition of Schubert’s Ave Maria, while the Cabernet enjoyed a brooding burst of Bizet’s Carmen.

If you have any top music and wine match suggestions, log onto Berrys’ Wine Blog here and spill the beans.  Members of Berrys’ Wine Club are being incentivised to create their own ‘wine tunes’ playlists with free download tracks at  How very hip hop and happening!

Have a playlistful weekend!

All best