yalumba o port unidade 017

Extreme blending – O-Port-Unidade Vintage Port 2013

yalumba o port unidade 017

Yada yada yada. Vintage Port is all about blending best grapes and sites?  Well, what about blending producers too? As promised in last year’s post, here’s an update on O-Port-Unidade Vintage Port 2013 – a uniquely extreme blend made by 25 producers, each of whom contributed not only fruit but also their very own twinkly toes to the foot-treading process – here’s the video.  Oh and all profits to local charity, Bagos d’Ouro  –  the project is already close to its 100,000€ target.

O-Port-Unidade Vintage Port 2013

The moniker O-PORT-UNIDADE captures the spirit of co-operation and unity with which this Port was made.   It’s a highly expressive, perfumed Port, with delicate lifted violets, more opulent, exotic bergamot going through and a deft touch of heat (spice not alcohol), with its liberal twist of black pepper. With lashings of succulent black cherry and juicy ripe raspberry, svelte tannins and lovely freshness to its lingering, bitter chocolate accented finish, this is (as the Aussies would say) seriously smashable!   So you’ll need to buy a few bottles!  And why not?  You can purchase the wine for 30€ of which 20€ go straight to Bagos d’Ouro.  Of the 5,000 bottles made, less than 500 bottles are left, so don’t delay.  Purchases can be made via Axel Probst of World of Port at axelprobst@o-port-unidade.com. Probst conceived of the initiative in collaboration with Niepoort, who bottled it – good on ’em.

Follow this link for earlier reports on 2013 Vintage Port.  And watch this space for new reviews.

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