The Wine Detective’s new website launches: a Portugal & Australia focus


James Bond had “DB III.”  This is “WD III” – The Wine Detective website Mark III!

Bond’s DB III was the Aston Martin DB Mark III which featured in Goldfinger the novel (but not the film – DB V had emerged by then!)  It’s the only Bond car in Ian Fleming’s novels to be fitted with gadgets.

My very own Q, a.k.a. Tom Dent at Double D Creative, has ensured that my new improved site is suitably equipped viz. adapting to different screen sizes and devices.  It’s just as easy to access on your mobile or tablet as from your desk.

But more importantly, WD III marks my decision to focus exclusively on the wines of Portugal and Australia – the countries about which I’m particularly passionate and where I’ve clocked up most wine miles in terms of tastings, trips, judging, column inches and book contributions.

I’ll be concentrating on sharing with you the stories, scoops and great wines coming from these countries.  You can count on me for original content.  Plus no points, no scores, just honest, independent recommendations, together with up-to-the-minute coverage of the people and places behind the wines, all of which have been tasted by me.

And, oh yes, access to my site is absolutely free.


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  1. Paul Metman

    Hi Sarah,

    Congratulations with WD III! It looks great and I’m looking forward to your posts, especially about Portugal, my all-time favourite! Good luck!

    all the best,


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