Penfold’s Peter Gago scoops The Institute of Masters of Wine / The Drinks Business Winemaker’s Winemaker Award

It’s been a fine old week for awards – Charles Metcalfe’s Comendador do Ordem do Mérito Empresarial, Paul Symington’s Decanter Man of the Year and, yesterday, Australia’s Peter Gago, Penfolds Chief Winemaker, was awarded the Institute of Masters of Wine / The Drinks Business Winemaker’s Winemaker Award.

The award honours a winemaker respected and admired by their peer group for what they have achieved with fine wines on the global stage. Gago is not only a gifted winemaker but also a tireless and ever affable ambassador for the Penfolds’ brand.

Gago commented: “This award offers outstanding global recognition for Australian winemaking – winemaking on the other side of the world, winemaking spanning almost two centuries.  Naturally, it’s a terrific accolade for the Penfolds winemaking team – past & current.  By years of Penfolds service (only 23!), I am still almost the most ‘junior’ member of this team.  I’m naturally chuffed and thankful.  I’m also feeling guilty – it’s harvest, and I’m 12,000 miles away!  Payback, no doubt, awaits when I return in a day or so!”

The news is nicely timed for Penfolds, who have recently come under flak for price hikes.  I’ll be tasting Penfolds 2012 Bin releases next week in London, including the 50th release of Bin 389 (the 2009 vintage), so will let you know what I think about their bang for buck.  Having tasted quite a few older vintages of Penfolds’ wines, including a very memorable 1975 Bin 389 a couple of year’s ago, I suspect I’ll still find them pretty good value for money.

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