Australia: a quiet revolution

Multi-faceted may not be a word you associate with Australian wine but, head off the beaten track (especially the very well beaten, super-narrow big brand route beloved of supermarkets), and you’ll find an increasingly diverse, growing portfolio of exciting wines just waiting to be discovered – check out my round up of highlights from last week’s Australian tastings here.

And it’s getting easier to head off the beaten track with the rise of independent wine merchants and online retailing.  It’s also getting easier to find out about what’s happening on the ground via grass roots’ social media initiatives.  As I reported in this month’s The Drinks Business (see here), as once-niche practices, wine styles and grape varieties are mainstreamed, the bandwidth of Australia’s communication channels is widening and becoming more inclusive.  Inter-active even.

Which is not to say good old fashioned books don’t still have their place. Australia-based wine writer Max Allen’s excellent book “The future makers” (pictured) is an extremely readable, informative account about, as he puts it “the larrikins and ratbags, the old and the young, the newbies and the nerds putting the soul back into Australian wine….”  

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