Simplesmente Vinho 2015 in pictures

Simply wine, simply vignerons – lunch at Cantina 32

I’m just back from Simplesmente Vinho 2015 in Oporto, a showcase for artisanal producers, wine artists and vignerons from Portugal (with a dash of Spain).  The third edition was in rude form, with more producers, more punters – a big beating heart of wine to the rhythm of music, laughter and lots of chatter. It’s a happy hunting ground for new finds as well as old favourites. Here’s a peek at some of my picks of the weekend.

Take heart all ye who enter here!

Luis Lopes & Maria Castro with one of many divine Alvaro Castro wines – the Alvarelhao 2011, Tounot 2011, Povoa 2013

Sticking with the Dao former nurse, French woman Christelle da Silva of Fonte de Goncalvinho shows off an impressive Tinta Roriz from 2010 – the second year of this new project.

Still in the Dao, Antonio Madeira was one of my “finds” of last year’s Simplesmente. His new white & the latest 2012 vintage of Vinhas Velhas Red – perhaps my wine of the weekend – reminded me why he’d so impressed last year.

I’ve tasted wines labelled Alr but the man behind the initials (and Casa de Mouraz) – Antonio Lopes Ribeiro – had eluded me. Pictured here with his partner in crime, Sara Dionísio. Alr 2013 Vinho Verde looking very good.

Not twins but Bristol and Oporto are twin towns and this collaboration between Antonio Mann of Xisto Wines & Mateus Nicolau d’Almeida of Muxagat is a wonderfully peppery, Rhonish Douro red.

Spot the family resemblance – Joao Nicolau d’Almeida of Leop Parda e os Daltónicos (and Quinta do Pessegueiro ) plays out the evening

Day 2 – Simplesmente Vinho 2015 the film – interview time

Brazilian wordsmith Eduardo Granja Russo – “Didu” takes the stage for Simplesmente 2015, the film, coming soon.

Next up (after me) Bruno Quenioux, le Francais, poet et philosopher des vignes, caviste de Paris (Philovino)

The incomparable wine artist, Marta Soares of Casal Figueira – stunning Antonio Vital 2009 & 2013

Said stunner….

A super-fine, mineral Vinhao from Aphros – seemingly less extracted than previous vintages – really flew!

Day 2’s closing act, The Magnets, in rehearsal

Sparkling Chardonnay from Beira Interior made by Joao Afonso – old vine/long lees ageing (5 years) complexity

A roaring success – maybe hosts/collaborators Skrei architects can develop elastic walls for next year!?!

Showing her first wine – a promising new find from Tras os Montes, Luisa Sarmento of Palmeirim d’Inglaterra, winemaking by Rui Cunha

Tiago Sampaio of Olho no Pe with his late harvest Douro white & yet to be named “not wine” sweetie – 7% alcohol, 400g/l residual sugar and delightfully fresh, as are all his wines

And here is the Late Harvest 2011 – chamomile, saffron-laced pear fruit; lovely freshness

Me and my shadow – founders Joao Roseira of Quinta do Infantado & Mateus Nicolau d’Almeida and my arm/camera in shadow!

Producers of the simplest wine of all

It doesn’t get more locovore than this – yes, made from those vines up there – love the It’s a Knockout dispenser!





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