First taste: Niepoort Vintage Port 2009 & a 2009 Vintage Port round up

As I negotiated  Quinta de Nápoles’ corridor of keys (pictured) at Niepoort’s Big Day Tasting,  I wondered what precious wines lay in wait in Niepoort’s cellar…?  Well I can tell you that Niepoort are very excited about their 2009 Vintage Port – here’s the vintage report:

“2009 has all the ingredients of a classic Vintage year: POWER & ELEGANCE [Niepoort empahsis!]. Low yields, perfect maturation, great concentration and on top of that great acidity.  It was clear for us from the start of the 2009 harvest that the perfect conditions for port were there: timings of picking were perfect and the weather conditions ideal.”
The philosophy at Niepoort is “to create balanced Ports with great concentration but fine and delicate.”  This was impressed on me when I recently tasted the Niepoort 2005 Vintage Port at April’s Big Fortified Tasting, such was the balance and digestibility of the wine.  It immediately put me in mind of my first taste of the Douro Boys’ 2005 table wines upon their release in 2007.

You’ll find my notes on both vintages below and here, on my Portugal regional report page, I’ve collated my tasting notes on all the 2009 vintage ports I’ve tasted and rated to date.


Niepoort Vintage Port 2005

Elegant, fine grained, intense and remarkably drinkable albeit big – soooooooo balanced.  Very 05 [a reference to my memory of first tasting those already remarkably composed table wines].  Not my best tasting note I know!  Especially not for fruit lovers, but it does convey the “POWER & ELEGANCE” point….

Niepoort Vintage Port 2009

Sweet fruited and scented  – very 2009 – with maraschino cherries, cassis and bright raspberry fruit balanced by pippy, peppery notes and dark chocolate undertones.  Long, flattering tannins and juicy acidity bring line and finesse to this youthfully curvaceous wine.     Seductive.

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