The new cabinet: wine of course!

I’ve been on the look out for a freestanding, capacious wine cabinet for ages, especially after a puny pine rack collapsed, adding 1970s style swirl to the carpet!

There are plenty of temperature cooled cabinets, but they were too expensive given my budget, unnecessary for short-term storage and not wildy eco-friendly all things considered.

My partner’s been very forgiving about boxes of wine samples cluttering up the house, but I’m not one to push my luck!  Last week, I took delivery of a wine cabinet for my study (pictured).  It fits the bill perfectly, sleekly accomodating 112 bottles (and wide enough to accomodate fizz).  In solid oak it’s…er…solid,  aesthetically pleasing too.

It’s made by wine rack specialist A & W Moore from whom you can buy direct.  Though I ended up buying one of their standard designs, they’re very flexible about number of racks, fitting drawers etc, so you can tailor your order if need be. Click here for details.

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